About Us

As a mother to two awesome boys, I was completely frustrated by the lack of imagination when it came to their clothes after the age of 2.  It seemed to me that if it was brown, it was ok and, as a customer, I just had to settle for what was on offer.  

So, with a background in Textile Design and anything fabric I decided the only thing to do was to start making my own clothes!  I asked for an overlocker for Christmas (much to my family's disdain!) and started sewing. We sourced fabric locally and, as we were living in Germany at the time, it was easy peasy to find gorgeous jersey fabrics.  I discovered my now amazing friend Alice Weiß's shop in a lovely village called Hövelhof, and the rest is history.  I started making my Huxley Pants, people liked what Huxley was wearing, they asked me to make some for them and 'Huxter' was born!

So, what are we?  Huxter is about clothing which is handmade, bespoke, quality, durable, fun and unique for boys and girls.  We make everything in the UK, the North West actually, very near to a beach, it is heaven!  The process is simple enough, you choose what item you would like (the more the merrier!) and then we match the coordinating fabrics.  If you have a HUGE desire for a specific colour combination then just pop us a message and we will see what we can do, depending on what we have in stock at the time.

Finally, as you can see, we are a fledgeling company so feedback is always welcome (good or bad but don't be too much of a meanie, we are still learning!) We will continue to develop our products and will soon be releasing our own fabric designs as we start on this wonderful journey together!

Happy shopping!

Lots of love,

Sophie and the team at Huxter HQ